About me

I'm an electrical engineer (BS Physics & BSEE dual undergrad, MSEE) and audio hobbyist. This website is dedicated to the enjoyment of audio!

I post mostly on diyaudio.com, a site that I highly recommend for anyone interested in do-it-yourself audio. I also post occasionally on AMB's excellent do-it-yourself site, amb.org, and eevblog.com. 

So what does "agdr" mean?

That was my version of "asdf" :D When I first started posting on audio forums a few years ago I wanted to pick a name different than I use on some forums for other hobbies. I was out of ideas though so I just pecked at a few random keys and came up with "agdr". Later I learned that the four most commonly typed random characters are "asdf".  Lol! Got 2 out of 4. :)

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