NwAvGuy O2 Headphone Amplifier repair, rehab, parts and upgrades

Do you have an old NwAvGuy O2 Headphone Amplifier that doesn't work anymore?  Bad jack needing replacement?  Want an O2 Booster Board installed?  Need O2 parts?  Look no further!

For $30 flat rate labor ($15 if you buy an O2 Booster Board from us at the same time) plus parts, actual shipping cost, and paypal's fee we will fix up your NwAvGuy O2 Headphone Amp.  It doesn't matter where you bought it, we'll get it repaired and/or upgraded for you.   We use a vacuum desoldering iron for zero damage to your O2 PC board.  Volume pots, IC sockets, and other multi-legged parts come right out with no PC board damage.  Trying to get parts like that out the old fashioned way with solder wick often results in damaged PC board traces. 

There are some limitations and restrictions on the service:

Here is how the repair service works.   Paypal us the $30- flat rate fee, plus actual shipping cost to return the O2 to you and the paypal fee (see below for shipping and paypal).  We'll find out what is wrong.  If no parts are required to fix we'll just fix it and mail it back to you.  If parts are required we will let you know which ones and how much for the parts.  Installing them is included in the $30 flat rate fee, just paypal the additional for the parts.  Parts cost is current price at Mouser electronics plus 25%, plus shipping from them to us if we don't have it in stock (usually $7.99).  We are in Texas and so is Mouser, so half that 25% is the tax we have to pay ourselves on parts.

Shipping is actual cost, which for US destinations is the USPS  "priority mail medium flat rate box" service which they charge $14.80 for (with full value postal insurance), and includes tracking and postal insurance. The priority mail also gets there pretty reliably in 2 or 3 days (goes by air). The rigid box protects the fully assembled board and the postal insurance covers it in case they loose the package. Your O2 will be wrapped in anti-static bubble wrap to protect it.

For destinations outside the US our post office here unfortunately is rather pricey. Their lowest priority (air mail) rate is around $44 and takes 10-14 days.. These are actual cost, no markup, and should be listed out at usps.com. Sorry but I have to declare the full value of the invoice on the customs form. Some countries charge (fairly large!) taxes on incoming shipments, so please check into your country's rules to avoid a surprise.

Payment via paypal.  Please email me at the contact link at the top of the website for the paypal address. The paypal fee also has to be added to the order, which is 2.9% of the total + $0.50 for orders in the US or 3.9% + $0.60 for outside of the US. Please make sure you are having paypal transfer the money into US dollars and chose "payment for merchandise".  I only accept paypal, sorry no checks or other payment methods.

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