O2 Desktop Amplifier (ODA)

NwAvGuy mentioned creating a desktop version of his famous O2 Headphone Amplifier in his blog and forum postings, but never did. My version of an O2 Desktop Amplifier is my attempt to imagine what that ODA might have been.

Updated 10/1/2017

The ODA offers several benefits over the O2 for desktop use, including:

The ODA project is a do-it-yourself project I've posted out at DIYAudio.com in the headphone forum. All the project files are at the Google Drive link below including schematic, layout, bill of materials (BOM) for purchasing parts from Mouser or Digikey on the internet, build instructions, photos, and part ID diagram. In the DIY Audio forum I've posted a full photo build guide - see the first post in the forum ODA thread.

Google Drive link for the ODA V2.1 do-it yourself files

An ODA FAQ can be found here.

Bare PC boards foir DIY and entire assembled and tested ODA Headphone Amplifiers are available. If Mouser and Digikey are out of stock of any part for the ODA I probably have that too, although I don't sell complete parts kits.

For prices and ordering information see here.

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