ODAC Carrier Board for the O2 Desktop Amp

This board fits in the top slot of the ODA B5-080 case to allow mounting an NwAvGuy ODAC.   The board mounts with three nylon 3mm bolts & nuts gong up through the 3 matching holes in the ODAC.  The ODA backpanel has a hole that allows access to the ODAC USB port.  The ODAC is USB powered - it doesn't need to connect to the ODA power supply.  The output of the ODAC can wire into either the input holes by the rear panel RCA jack or those by the front panel 3.5mm jack.

If you are buying a ODAC board from one of the various vendors I highly recommend getting the new rev. B board.  Rev. B fixes an issue where certain PCs that have ceramic capacitors on the USB power lines can cause the rev. A ODAC voltage regulator to oscillate.

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