OPA1688 Parallel Super CMOY dual-chip headphone amplifier with 2x 9V batteries, real ground, and a headphone relay

A mint-tin CMOY headphone amp like no other!  Uses two of the brand new Texas Instruments OPA1688 headphone driver chips in parallel for 150mA output per channel, 6x the output of most op-amps.  Ultra low distortion with extremely low idle current for long battery life.  Uses 2 9V batteries with a real ground and "solid state relay" technology - no virtual grounds or rail splitters to distort the sound. 

The parallel dual-chip version of the agdr Audio Super CMOY.  Same size and feature of the single-chip Super CMOY - please see that project page for details - but with a second OPA1688 chip wired in parallel with the first for twice the output current and capacitive load driving ability.  Power dissipation is also spread out over the two chips.

The only two "negatives" in having two OPA1688 chips vs just one are twice the idle current draw, an additional 3mA, and slightly higher DC output offset voltages, typically 600uV (microvolts) or less.  The additional current draw will slightly decrease battery life.

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