Victor Oscillator Power Supply Board & Case

A power supply board for the low-THD oscillator boards Victor has posted on eBay.  The board fits in a Hammond case which can mount up to 4 Victor Oscillators on the front panel.  I have Front Panel Express CAD files for 2, 3, and 4 board panels.  I also have CAD files for a 2-Victor-board Box Enclosures case.

A fellow named Victor in Latvia has some excellent low-noise and low-THD oscillator boards posted on eBay.  He typically posts 1KHz and 10KHz boards but can make special frequencies by request.   His boards were discovered by the folks at in the course of this very long thread about low THD audio oscillators.  Victor's board uses a rather unique input voltage though, 35.0Vdc, due to his board generating their own dual power rails via two TL431 chips in series.  The series 431's create some special issues when more than one of them are being powered, since the "ground" for each board is that center point between the TL431's, not the ground of the input power.  My Victor power supply board takes all that into account.

In the diyaudio thread it was mentioned that feeding the Victor boards via current sources is a preferable way to go via voltage sources.  My Victor board allows either method.  The board contains a (high) voltage regulator which can be set to 35.0Vdc to power 1 to 4 Victor boards mounted on the front panel.  My board also contains places for up to 4 constant current sinks which, when set to 25mA, will produce 35V across each Victor board.

I have the Victor power supply board set up as containing several independant sections which can be wired together in different ways.  Any of the sections can simply be left unpopulated if you don't need that function.  The board is designed to fit a Hammond 1598 case but it also has holes on all 4 corners for table top use via standoffs.  The votlage regulator on the board can optionally use either a PC board mounted heat sink, or be heat-sinked to the rear panel.  

The sections are:

The project materials for the Victor Power Supply Board are on Google Drive here:

Victor Oscillator Power Supply Board

Bare PC boards, PC boards with all the parts soldered on, and entire Victor power supply boards in the case are available. If Mouser and Digikey are out of stock of any part for the ODA I probably have that too, although I don't sell complete parts kits.

For prices and ordering information see here.

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